Robert Bosch Brazil - InterAction Program
Period: 2008 to 2010

REQUEST: To promote better relationships between auto parts and operators, in order to promote brand and products, generate demand and increase sales.

SOLUTION: Promotional Management and Sinpro - PróWeb Information System

Promotional team technically qualified to attend automotive replacement parts market;

Full management team from promotional team and field actions through Sinpro - PróWeb Information System;

Collection and consolidation of information from the automotive replacement market. Profiles from retail and operator, campaign records, product history, among other competitor actions are some of the information collected to assist the Program decision making;

Management and control of merchandising materials used by field staff, which allows clients to view and assess the investments made by retail / operator and per visit;

Support companies attended by the program through 0800 Bosch interaction.


  • 16,417 retails visited and registered at Sinpro from 2008 to 2009;

  • 27,807 operators visited and registered at Sinpro from 2008 to 2009

  • Through a survey conducted on operators, we identified demand for creating a network of shops Original Auto Center;

  • Accreditation 1009 operators Network Original Auto Center between September 2008 and November 2009;

  • 219 technical support calls to 0800 through 2008 and 195 calls in 2009;

  • Report from and merchandising materials applied by the promoter for items, locations visited, and the calculation in local currrency from values invested per business location visited;

  • 341 lectures made by Bosch warranty in 2009

  • Organized and tracked 131 visit opportunities to retailers and operators attended by the program Bosch interaction to factory

  • Over the period of 2008/2009, there were more than 10 campaigns since the beginning of the project, and mini-campaigns;

  • 760 technical chats only in 2009

  • Introduction of the product to retailers resistant to the brand;

  • In research conducted in October 2009 by "Novo Varejo" jornal, Bosch was appointed in 1st place on the topic: Industry that makes more promotional actions, which offers best technical material, performs more training, most agile warranty, which has the best network of distributors and most admired industry;

  • "Heating" throughout the promotional channel resulted in a significant sales increase;

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