Schaeffler Group
Period: 2007 to 2008

REQUEST: To deliver merchandising materials in Auto Parts Stores and organize basic customer information.

SOLUTION: Promotion Management and SinPro - PróWeb Information System >>> Project "Trawler" - Major Brazilian capitals.

Properly trained and uniformed promotional team;

Implementation of merchandising materials with photo;

To obtain information and basic profile from each retail;

Check brand positioning and company stock and competition;

  • More than 4000 retails recived merchandising material applied;

  • Consolidated with the overhead costs of the action per bussines;

  • Up to date business profile from each retail;

  • Reports with comparisons between neighborhoods, cities and states;

  • Identification of sale points which do not work with the brand;

  • Visualization from product line distribution channel;

  • Intersection of all data base.

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